suggestion: conditional folder/document icons

Just a small feature suggestion: I frequently wish I could make my folder or file icons depend on the value of a metadata field, such as “status”. For example, it would be a great visual help to have an icon switch from the “unchecked” box to the “checked” box when the item’s status changed from anything other than “Done” to “Done”, Or, similarly, to have icons like the warning sign, a question mark, or a (custom) “Zzz” sleep-bubble depending on a multi-valued status field.

$0.02 // Ian

Such a dynamic thing would be cool, I agree.

I love that I can stamp and label and tag at will. You can make a saved search for a status that updates as you change it in the file, if that helps.

I already do this manually, so definitely support its automation: +1

Note that it’s already possible to apply Label colors to the Binder. (View → Use Label Color In)


You can create a workaround with Keyboard Maestro.

Make a macro that pops up a palette containing the status metadata, and on your selection, have the macro both set the status and set the icon. You might be able to do it using AppleScript to make it faster, but you can have KM pull down menus if it needs to.

If you need help, head to the Keyboard Maestro Forum. They have a lot of smart people who are eager to help folks.