[Suggestion] For Scrivener – only for the "modern" UI

Another opinion on the UI:
I am disappointed: The “modern flat design” (imitation of Microsoft’s design that ignores the users?) gives me less clarity than the “old”, beloved Scrivener interface (little contrast, no emphasis on the essential…).
Other users have already said so, but it seems to be ignored due to the effort required for the “new design”.
Please, please, please …
It would be very nice, if Scrivener would keep its unique selling point,as a super software for writing (and not only follow “modern” design approaches - there are also user requests).
Thank you, if that’s taken into account.

Sorry for the bad translate

I can count less than ten people, in this forum, who complain about the new design. The silent majority likes it but keeps it quiet so not to offend someone. I love it. I find the old one clumsy, archaic and very distracting.
That being said, I don’t mind if there is an option to switch to the old style, but only if it doesn’t delay the development of more important and useful features.

There is another thread on UI and Beta6 issues related with custom windows DPI scaling…
The issues is SERIOUS for those not familiar with root cause… In short, windows allows custom scaling to make text and icons appear larger on higher resolution displays, especially important to the visually impaired.
1.9.7 maintains it’s clean aesthetically pleasing and functional design throughout the “custom dpi” range.
I typically scale at 150 DPI,

@150 DPI the windows Beta6 interface is appallingly consumed by the huge toolbar icons, binder fonts and Inspector fonts… A large percentage of productive application interface is wasted white space for tool bars leaving a minimal amount of productive work area. Forgive me makers for saying this; when I opened Beta6 for the first time, I was reminded of the toolbar shock and logical concussion I suffered the first time I opened MS Office word i2010.

The “fix” for windows Beta6 UI is to revert to standard 100% scaling.