Suggestion for start-up splash screen

Like a lot of Scrivener users, I mostly use it to write long books. So I am constantly re-opening the same file. Please could I see icons for them, so that I can just click and get to work (instead of have to click on a fiddly little menu and scroll down)? The template icons are clear and simple, but I never use them: it would be great to have recent files icons as an option that users could pick as the default if they wanted to. Thanks.

If you have same files open all the time and exit deliberately then when open scrivener those same files will open all at once. Or just use the File and options to decide number of recent projects you see. Could reduce to two or three to be easy to pick out what you need.

I personally use (as displayed above by @GoalieDad ) the favorite projects list for my most redundant projects, such as the one where I drop notes on writing, excerpts from books and whatnot.

As for my real writing projects, since I usually run mostly one at a time, but also a coupe others in the background, so to speak, what I do is that I have a place on my desktop dedicated to those shortcuts.
That makes them easy to find.
You can then change their icon if you wish.
Perhaps check for a little app such as Nimi-Places that could further help organize your desktop by creating a box around them.
That’s of course nothing more than a workaround.

I believe, @jje, you’re a Mac user; @Vincent_Vincent and @GoalieDad are Windows users.

If I’m right, there is an app called iCollections which you might like to look at. I have never used it, but it might let you do what you want, plus more. As long as you don’t fall for the monthly suscription, it’s reasonably priced.



Thanks, but I’m a PC user (I pre-date DOS, so elderly am I!). Thanks to previous posters for suggestions. With their help, I realised that I could simply switch off the template preview and have the previous project open automatically, which largely makes my suggestion redundant.

Thanks to everyone for their help.

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Sorry! I known you’ve been a member for a long time , which is why I thought you might be a Mac user.

Anyway, you have a solution, which is what matters.


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