Suggestion: hide Outliner, or make Outliner less crammed

I use the Binder as my main conceptualisation area. Why? Visually, the Binder’s hierarchical structure is easier to visualise, there seems more space between the lines, the binder items aren’t so scrunched up compared to the log-jam of the Outliner.

Hence, it’s a problem for me that I cannot hide the outliner/corkboard part.

Why can we hide the Binder, but not hide the Outliner?

I tried using a 24" inch Samsung screen, pivoted vertically, but because of the inability to hide the Outliner, in the vertical screen mode I cannot move the Outliner sufficiently out of the way to reveal a workable area of the Binder.

Keith, did you know that when Scrivener is used on a monitor in vertical mode, there’s a problem with moving the dividing line (that divides the Binder and Outliner) fully out of the way. This is less of a problem in landscape mode, but the limitations of moving the dividing line are troublesome when viewing the screen in vertical mode.

In terms of how much we can move the sliding divider between Binder and Outliner, is it possible for future versions to let us slide it fully right or fully left so that the user can display which portion of the Binder/Outliner we prefer to see.

Right now, particularly when using monitors pivoted into vertical mode, the sliding divider sits about in the middle of the vertical screen, and doesn’t allow us to move the Outliner right out of the way.

If the above cannot be done, then the same aim could still be achieved by allowing us to increase the line spacing in the Outliner. i.e. make the visual appearance of the Outliner to more resemble the Binder. Right now, I find the Outliner seems very crowded. The Binder is less crowded for me, compared to the Outliner panel, especially when I change the Binder font to Geneva.

p/s I just upgraded to version 2.7, and all my dissatisfaction about the Outliner has been addressed by the new layout. I’m actually quite thrilled about it – so I see no need to act on suggestion above. :smiley: