Missing from “View-Corkboard-Options” menu is the Options users get from the Corkboard Options ICON when in Corkboard view mode on the lower right side. All system features should be accessible from the menus!

FYI: “Cards Across” from both the menus and the Options ICON still non-functional - probably recorded in bug list.

Corkboard Options.jpg

I’ve marked this as a Suggestion for us to look at. And yes, Cards Across not working has been filed. Thanks!

I’m curious how you got the cork board to look like “cork”. I haven’t seen that cork board look since I switched from 1.9 to the 3.0 Beta. I assumed it was an aesthetic feature that they were waiting until the final release to add. I’ve been happily plugging along with the boring gray background. :open_mouth:

You can find it by looking under File > Options > Appearance > Corkboard > Corkboard Background and setting it to “Corkboard pattern”

I’ll be darned!

When I purchased v 1.9, the corkboard was already “corklike”, so I figured that’s the way it is. When I got the beta and found the corkboard to be plain gray, I just figured they hadn’t gotten to that yet.

Thanks for the info!

SUGGESTION: L&L should make it default to “corkboard” and NOT grey!