[Suggestion] make custom dictionary more portable

I use Scrivener on more than one PC (I have a Windows desktop and a Windows laptop) and use the iOS version. I would love it my custom dictionary could be part of the project (as templates are), so that all my spellings are available each time I open Scrivener. That way I wouldn’t have to keep adding the same words over and over again on different devices.

I realise cross-platform compatibility might be difficult, but for Windows, could wordlists.ini be in the Scrivener folder, instead of under \Users[yourname]\AppData\Local\LiteratureAndLatte\Scrivener?


I agree with this. But the new Windows version is in advanced beta, and this might or might not be included in it; if not, it would have to be added in a later update.

Of course, I realise it couldn’t be included in version 3.0, that’s why I posted it over here, not in the beta testing forum. But I think it would be very useful if in a future update, all the customisations (such as user dictionaries, auto-correct entries, appearance, etc.), could be more easily portable. They would need to be optional, I would think, since (for example) people might want a different appearance on different devices that have different resolution screens.