[Suggestion] New Document Style Feature - Incomplete

When creating a new document, a style can be set up as a default from Options->Editing->Format. If I use styles, I would want to use a style I predefined as the default for the new document. It adds consistency throughout my writing and it saves time. Instead, the current beta allows the user to reinvent the wheel and possibly be inconsistent with styles used. In other words, it does not make use of what is already defined by the user.

Under “Main text style for new document”, I suggest adding a predefined style selector. The selected style then becomes the default for the new document. The user should have a choice!

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You are missing the point. Scrivener is not a page layout tool nor works as a WYSIWYG editor. For what it’s worth, Scrivener is a text editor.
You don’t need default style, since the stiles are redefined anyway when you compile.