[Suggestion] Paragraph Focus / Highlight

Love the features in Scrivener (windows). The ability to organise your work and the tools available are superb. I have also tried the beta of Scrivener 3. Although I have had Scrivener for a few weeks now, I still use FocusWriter for composition (have had it for years and it’s still one of the best freebies) then bring my work into Scrivener. One of the main attractions of FocusWriter is the ability to set paragraph focus / highlighting. This is my preferred method of working (non fiction). I have found the ability in the windows Beta to highlight the current line, but that is it. For non fiction composition and editing, working in paragraphs is far easier for me. It would be superb if the Scriv 3 line focus could be expanded. FocusWriter is a windows app that has been around for years so it could be done ( and turned off for those who don’t need it )

I’m not sure about the time line for bringing it to Windows Scrivener, but Mac Scrivener 3 has paragraph focus as well as line and sentence focus. Accordingly, I’m moving this from the Wish List to the beta forum.