Suggestion: Remote project closure

Seeing the discussions about using Dropbox (which is great. I’ve been using it since launch) I thought of something that could be quite useful for preventing conflicts if you try to open a project only to discover that you left a copy open elsewhere.

Have Scrivener periodically check the project folder for a file called “close.project”
If an open session detects the file it shuts down cleanly and removes the close.project file.

So if you’re at the coffee shop on the wi-fi and you get a project open error you just create a new blank file called close.project and wait for the remote session to remove it (or rename it to close.project.complete) before safely opening your local session.

Should work with Dropbox, UbuntuOne, etc.

edit: oops, meant to post this in the windows forum but I guess it makes no difference :slight_smile:

As an aside to the wish request, this sounds like a good job for some kind of screen access software. I note your system profile is set to Linux, so I would presume installing VNC on both machines would be a snap and do the trick. In fact, I think in Gnome VNC is already installed. If you set it up right, you can log in to one machine from another and interface with its screen in a window—basically giving you complete control over the remote computer—anything that doesn’t require physical access of course.

I was thinking of it as a feature that requires no third party apps to manage an issue which may occur due to file locking.
But if it doesn’t pop up as an issue often enough to warrant it, yay :slight_smile: