[Suggestion] [UI Change] Hoist Binder and Outline

Hoist Binder is a useful Scrivener feature that most users are unaware exists. The problem is with the name and in Version 3 is labeled inaccurately on the menu.

The “View-Outline” menu selection should change to “View-SubFolders”. The selection “Outline” does not make sense for the associated selection. I’m sure this would need to be changed for both Mac and Windows versions. Making this change would make it easier for users to understand and find. It would make Scrivener less complex.

The “Hoist Binder” is not a good name for this valuable feature. I suggest replacing it to "Separate Folder in Binder " or something shorter and meaningful.

This feature should be available when you right-click on a folder.

Click on a folder, choose “hoist binder” and Scrivener hoists that folder, showing it as though it were the whole binder. I think “hoist” is the correct word for the command, but “binder” is not. At least, the behavior of the command is what many outliners describe as “hoist.”