[SUGGESTION] Window size and layout settings are saved to the project instead of per machine user settings.

I have a project in Dropbox which I use to switch between working on a laptop and a desktop. Whenever I switch between the two machines I have to manually resize/reposition my windows and panels to fit the differing screen dimensions.

These settings should ideally be saved on a per user/machine setting and not to the project itself.

This issue is still present in the released version 3 on Windows. I work between quite different screen resolutions and having to resize and readjust everything every time I switch PCs is quite frustrating.

Is there any progress on if this will be addressed?

I would not count on it – these kind of per-project settings would break interoperability between Windows, Mac, and iOS.

I’m not sure I follow you. How would moving the window size settings out of the project and into machine profile settings break interoperability? Window size should be a per machine setting (i.e. saved in the Windows User folders) - not in the project as it currently is.

Perhaps there is some confusion due to the topic title? “[SUGGESTION]” was added by a moderator for some reason, when the title is actually describing a bug.

This is not a bug, this is the expected behavior. Window layout is a function of what you intend to do with the project, so making it a project-level setting is appropriate.

To automatically configure your desired layout, use the saved layout mechanism.

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Exactly, and there would be group of people who would be annoyed at having to update the window appearance every single time they switched machines (I would be among them). This isn’t really one of those situations where there is a perfect, or even ideal, answer that works for everyone, so we just have to pick one and go with it. It is certainly not a case where it “should” work the way you described it.

And for those less common cases where I do want a project to look one way on one machine but not another, that is exactly the kind of thing the Window ▸ Layouts ▸ Manage Layouts… feature is for. They are machine specific (though you can copy the layout files if you want), so perfect for this kind of use. I have a few layouts that are purely project+machine specific.

I’m not talking about the specifics of layout here (i.e. which panels are opened or closed), merely the size of the application window and panels. I understand that the layout of panels is project specific, that is not the problem. The problem is that the size of the window is also being saved to the project, which is not desirable to me.

I alternate between a 1920x1080 laptop (with 125% scaling) and a 3440x1440 desktop (with 100% scaling). When I maximize the window and adjusted panel sizes on my laptop and then switch back to my desktop I end up with a tiny 1080 sized window with panels sized wrongly for this display scaling.

The application should remember the size and maximized state for each machine, not for the project.

Yes, I was talking about the window size as well, as that is how you framed your request.

Again though, this is not a matter of “should” or “should not”. That is your opinion, and it is my opinion that it works better to retain the layout of the window no matter what computer you open it on. To repeat what I said before: there is no right answer.

That said, it is worth noting there have been those who have advocated for interior layout aspects to be machine-specific as well. After all, the size of the window can greatly impact the practicality of what you are doing within it. A very narrow window designed to be tucked alongside a 2/3 monitor-width browser window on a small ultra-portable laptop is probably only going to be suitable with both the binder and inspector closed, using the editor to jot down notes. Maybe that’s all you ever use the project for for on that machine, jotting down ideas and notes. Back home on your 27" display you maximise Scrivener and have multiple splits, a wide inspector and advanced navigation settings to turn the software into more of a 3-pane editor.

So which is best? Just the mere shape and scale of the window frame? Or the layout of the UI within the frame? Or none at all? Again—there are no right answers: but for everyone that wants something other than what Scrivener does, there are Layouts.

Perhaps it could just be an option then, to not save to the project? I find it odd and frustrating the way it currently is - every application I’ve ever worked with, you setup the layout and sizes for the machine you are working on and it remembers the next time you open it (one time use-case set-up versus tweaking every time).