[Suggestion] Windows 3 UX could use some love

I decided to try scrivener again after giving up the first time I tried it. Then I heard about the beta, and decided to give it a try. I need to do more prep before writing, so I was hoping this would help me. However, I just can’t help but be distracted by UX decisions that mystify me. I work in software development, so that’s probably why it annoys me more than the average person, but since your competition is Word, looks matter.

FWIW, I know you guys have basically finished the beta, but maybe consider these items. I have to admit that I like v1’s UX better… and I wasn’t a huge fan of that UI either. It just feels like the only changes were to make everything smaller.

I made some comments on the attached images with some ideas for how to fix that isn’t a significant design change. I’d love the icons to get bigger as well, and the collections option is still difficult enough I’m not going to use it as is.

I love your ability to set metadata and enter notes about a scene. You have a lot of powerful features. But when they are hidden in lackluster UI, your customer base is going to be limited just like your customer experience.

Hi AliaA,

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Regarding a couple of your points: the toolbars are customer configurable, so if the default placement of icons or dead spaces seems awkward to you, then feel free to change it.


This might get more, and more useful, attention on the Beta discussion forum: http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=57&sid=46db6ba2a778709d6a0f11c273ffb533.

Moving to the beta forum. – Katherine

Your beta forum post said to post feature requests in the general area, and to post only bugs in the beta. Maybe I misunderstood, but probably good to clarify the statement.

I did not know I could customize the buttons on the toolbars. I did realize I could turn off some of the toolbars.

Please consider the right hand bar thing. It took ages for me to find how to open it when doing the tutorial in 1. That’s the kind of thing to fix with UI, not better tutorials. Just a better icon would help, but I like the bar compacting to icons placed vertically because it would make it easier to get to precisely what I want at any time in that bar.

It’s under Tools in the menu, at least it is in 1.9.8.

I played with the toolbars for a while, and have something I like better. I can’t add gaps back into the toolbar. After I deleted one and then decided I wanted a bigger gap, I couldn’t add it back. Icons felt a little close together, particularly when having delete and add next to each other :slight_smile: so I just started adding a bunch of separators. Not super pretty, but functional. I was mixed on keeping the search box-page count-document header thingy, but decided to give it a try.

I still can’t combine the document header with the toolbar. However, the show/hide of formatting as a button made me comfortable with removing that most of the time. So yay for that one! Also liked getting rid of functions I haven’t figured out how I would use, and add in the snapshot taker.

I discovered changing the font size of menus after taking the screenshot, but I can’t change icon size :frowning:. At least I have changed the menu smaller to make the icons bigger by comparison, since usually I’m more interested in the icons. The text is tiny but splunking menus sucks so hopefully I’m not doing that very often.

Anyways, not sure if you guys care about this level of feedback, but it’s what I look for from my customers so I figured I would pass it along. Maybe what I’m saying resonates with other users who are being as detail oriented when thinking of taking first steps outside of Word.

Ha! You’re right, you can’t add gaps back on 1.9.8 either. I’ve never noticed that, and I can’t recall anyone every pointing it out, so this is a first. I’m sure there’s a reason from L&L’s side, and I’d love to hear what it is.

In 1.9.8 the default toolbar provides 2x gaps, is it the same in the beta? I assume you could always “restore defaults” to get your gaps back, but then you’ll need to set things up again. :slight_smile:

BTW, in 1.9.8 there are keyboard shortcuts to toggle all screen elements except for the actual menu bar, Binder, Inspector, Header, Footer, Main Toolbar, Formatting Toolbar, editor split, fullscreen–I show/hide them constantly throughout a session using shortcuts, depending on what I’m working on. It’s probably the same with the beta. Tools > Options > Keyboard, filter by “toggle” to see what’s available.

You’re not the first to mention the issues with the UI. The “Main Toolbar” is mostly empty space, and nothing in it is really necessary (I usually turn it off completely, and rely on keyboard shortcuts for its functions).

One problem is that the Main Toolbar actually is the governing toolbar for the editor mode and the Inspector. Those buttons do belong there. The bar below it is a formatting toolbar, and it affects the editor, document notes, and I’m not sure what else. I’d like to see them merged (or side by side instead of above/below). But that’s not an option. Pity.

So, I simply ignore the Main Toolbar. Right click, click the checkbox off.

Not being able to add the GAP is indeed a bug, guys. I have filed in our bug tracking system.

Until the GAP issue is fixed, something you can do is to move the existing GAPs as you like. Unfortunately there is no way to add new GAPs at the moment.

I figured out how to remove the header bar!! View > Editor Layout > Header View. I was actually searching for a tool to solve an issue where my pasted in text had something making it only take up half the page when I found it. Ruler solved the other issue. I got rid of the footer while I was at it too.