[Suggestion] Wishlist / Feedback - path breadcrumbs in editor header view / bar

Since there’s so much free space in the header bar/view of the editor, it would be a nice option to be able to switch on a breadcrumbs path implementation, so that in addition to / instead of having to mouse left and search through the binder, I can easily just go to the next greatest parent category of the page I am viewing … this would work well in conjunction with the left right and up down arrow options that are already there … because then you’d have:

  • Left / Right = backwards / forwards in navigation history
  • Up / Down = previous / next logical document in sequence
  • Breadcrumbs = folder / group path to present location, with hyperlinked path nodes

Menus are great, but a metaphor like breadcrumbs really helps avoid having to enter menus ( the existing header bar menu offers a path item for navigation ), and tree structures are great, but they’re not always open to where you want to go, and in some cases being able to avoid the binder and just click a breadcrumb link will be much faster ( especially as the project structure gets more complex ).

In the Mac version, there’s already a command to do this: Navigate > Go to > Enclosing Group (cmd-ctl-r). Repeated cmd-ctl-r will take you from the lowest to the highest level in the binder.

While it doesn’t have the visual clue, it does much the same thing — walks you back up the binder levels — and you don’t have to use the mouse, so in the meantime it’s workable.

If it’s not in the Windows Beta, presumably it will be coming soon.


I will mark this thread as Suggestion for us to look at. Thanks.

The enclosing-group trick was in the stable branch as well. However in the current beta it seems a bit buggy—it’s Alt-Shift ← though.

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Whether there is much room or not in the editor header bar depends on the size of your screen and UI setup. A breadcrumb trail there would look very messy either way, though. The header bar can be used to edit the document title and this would become a moving target if the title were at the end of a breadcrumb trail.

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Any update?
I’m looking for breadcrumbs too, when I search for a word, it appears in a lot of documents, hard to tell which one is which one.

Try hovering over the editor header bar, that will show where the document you are viewing comes from. Right-clicking on the icon and viewing the Path menu also works, and makes it easier to jump to a parent if that’s what you want.