Suggestions for the next Spanish translation beta

Sorry if this is not the place. I’m glad to that in the latest beta that most of the program has a highly polished profesional translation, but I would like to suggest some changes to be included for the next Spanish beta version

In the Editar bar section instead of Proyect Search I’d place Busqueda dentro del proyecto o Busqueda en el Proyecto.

At Habla I’d remove Stop Speaking and place Detener el Habla

At Insertar Nº de palabras i’d remove the English Manuscript for the Spanish Manuscrito

In the Ver section, I’d suggest changing Hide Markup por Ocultar código or better still ocultar marcadores de texto

En Navegación I’d remove the English Outliner Options and place Opciones de esquema instead also would the same for Grupos de Esquema placing Grupo anterior and Grupo siguiente and instead of binder further down placing Carpeta seleccionada afecta a y Esquema seleccionado afecta a.

Once again sorry if this is not the place for this kind of suggestions, and my apologies if the translations had already been done and were waiting for the next beta to be included.