First of all thanks for Scrivener and Scapple. They are very good tools for writing.
However, I would like to make some suggestions:
1st I think Scrivener should have a citation manager - references for academic papers. It could be similar to the tool used by WORD.
2º A web version would be very interesting to carry out work in different places. Sometimes I can’t take my iPad with me or I’m on a break at work. It would be good to continue with my scrivener project on another computer that does not have Scrivener but has internet access via wifi.


Thank you for your feedback. These are both fairly common requests. However, neither is likely to be implemented.

  1. Good citation managers, sold as independent products, cost as much as or more than Scrivener. We are not willing to double the cost of Scrivener for the sake of a feature that would only benefit a fraction of our users and that would inevitably force us to choose a “preferred” approach. Instead, Scrivener works with whatever citation manager the user already prefers. See Section 20.4 in the Mac Scrivener manual for more information.

  2. The limitations of browser-based applications relative to local applications would require dramatic changes to Scrivener’s functionality and underlying data structures, adversely impacting our existing products. At the same time, designing and supporting web-based software requires a completely new skill set that we do not currently have. As a business proposition, we also are not particularly interested in head to head competition with free products supported by some of the largest companies in the world. One solution for your use case would be to use our Sync with External Folder feature to make your project accessible via a Dropbox or similar shared folder, from which you could use the local tool of your choice. See Section 14.3 in the Scrivener manual for more information.