Sum Characters in Folder

Good morning!
I have a folder in the Binder with four text documents.
Is there any way to know how many characters are in the folder without doing the sum of the individual text files?

There are a few ways of doing this.

The quick and dirty method is click on the folder in the binder and make sure the view is in Scrivenings mode (i.e. the editor shows all the subdocuments in one long ‘virtual’ document — toggle cmd-1 till you get this view). At the bottom of the editor in the footer bar you’ll see the Word Count — click on that and you’ll be shown a more detailed list of statistics, including character count.

A more permanent method is to use the Outine view (cmd-3) and click on View > Outline Options > Character Count and View > Outline Options > Total Characters. this will add columns to the outline to show those statistics (obviously, Total Characters sums up the count for enclosing documents). You can also add fields for Target character count (choose Characters in the Target Type field.) There are a few possible fields and ways of working with this option, so you may want to look in the manual to see exactly what you can do.

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Once you’ve set the outline up the way you want it, then save the view as a dedicated Layout in the Layout Manager (cmd-shift-) and you’ll be able to recall it whenever you want.


Very well! Thank you!

You’re very welcome!