Sum of wordcounts and targets for sub-documents in outliner

Is there a way in which to make the wordcount and target columns in outliner display, as the wordcount/target for folders or group-documents, the sum of the wordcounts/targets for the respective sub-documents?

I am currently in the process of writing my PhD-thesis using Scrivener, and constantly need to adjust the length of various sections as the body text of the thesis can be no longer than 100,000 words. Having these columns in outliner show the total wordcount for folders or group-documents would make this process a lot easier, as I am usually more interested in knowing how long chapters are rather than sections and sub-sections.

Not currently, but the next free update adds this - though I’m afraid it won’t be available for some time yet.

This will be a great feature enhancement. Now, I open the outliner, select the items i want counted and then view the statistics. Having the actual word counts displayed (and totaled by the containing folders) along with the target counts will make it much easier.

Thanks for including this in the next update. {grin} Can i give a contribution to the development efforts and speed up the release of this function?

  • Tim

I just wanted to say that this feature will be really useful for me too (also writing a dissertation), so I’m glad to hear it’s coming!

I would like to add my voice to this request too. Along the same lines I would also really appreciate a count of all sub-texts and folders associated with each folder. See this post:


Hi Rollo,

There’s no need to add your voice to this given that, as I said, it’s already implemented for the next update, so you are adding a request for something that I’ve already done. (Also, Scrivener development is a bit of a dictatorship - I don’t implement features based on voting at all; I add features based on whether or not I want the feature and think it fits within my own vision of what Scrivener should do.)

With regard to your request for sub-text counts, please try not to cross-post (even though it’s a good suggestion!). You have already made this request (as you show in your link) and I had already read it, so posting it again elsewhere does not make it more likely for me to implement it. I read every post in the Technical Support, Bug Hunt and Wish List forums (pretty much all in the whole of the “Scrivener” section excepting Tips & Tricks and Usage Scenarios, too), so once you’ve posted in one of those forums you can be sure I have read and evaluated your suggestion. I apologise for not replying to your thread, but I did read it.

And as it happens, I liked your request enough to implement it for the next update, and have spent much of the past couple of days doing so:

All the best,

Hi Keith,

Sorry for breaching etiquette. Done in ignorance, but with the best of intentions. I am delighted you liked the idea, and have implemented it together with the wordcount summaries. Thanks!

All the best


No problem. It’s a Sunday evening with the prospect of a throng of feral children to teach again tomorrow, so I’m always crotchety. :slight_smile: And actually your post did prompt me to double-check something. To begin with I had implemented it so that the count in the binder only counted immediate subdocuments rather than all subdocuments (including nested sub-subdocuments etc). I fixed that just before posting the screenshot.

All the best,