does anyone know if we can format test as superscript in WinScriv. I haven’t been able to find this option.

I imported a large document into WinScriv from MacScriv and MS Word before this, and just realised that after writing “19 th” with TH superscripted the remainder of the text continues as superscript! Oops!

I’m assuming there is no such capability in WinScriv and I’ll have to copy/paste into word.



You can make text as a superscript. If you go to Format -> Font, there should be the option to select subscript and superscript.

I’ve added mine to the Format Tool bar permanently so it shows up always like the Bold and Italic options. You can do this by going to Edit -> Edit Toolbars and selecting the Format Toolbar then the location where you want to add Superscript/Subscript and click the green right arrow.

I must be going insane as I can’t find it. You mean via the menu?

Yes, via the menu in the bar above the icons. If you’re still confused after this, I’ll do some screencaps.

Scrollop - No, this is an interface issue, with the options available for the format bar but not accessible via the Format menu. Go into Edit>Edit Toolbars… and you’ll be able to add a superscript and subscript button to your format bar. I’ve made a note of it for Lee so these should get added to the menu as well.

Spitfire - If you’re seeing the options in your menu, could you in fact take a screencap of that? It would mean this is something buggy where the options aren’t consistently showing up for everyone and not just that it’s a missing option. Thanks!

Oops. They aren’t actually in the menu. I thought they were disabled or something since I’d added them to the Format bar instead. Sorry for the confusion!