Superscripts - Word to Scrivener and back again

Just want to make sure I understand how they’re handled, as this also appears to be different between Mac and Windows.

I had a document in Word where certain items are superscripted.

I Import & Split that into MacScriv they still appear superscripted, but the font is now regular sized rather than smaller - okay I can live with that.

Upon compiling and opening in Word - that text is once again smaller and appears to be superscripted, but it really isn’t because Word’s Find/Replace now is unable to find any superscripts. So what Scriv’s actually doing is just offsetting the baseline for those sections?

Is that correct? Or am I doing something wrong?

Yes, the OS X text system doesn’t automatically shrink text that is superscripted, it just adjusts the baseline. So to superscript text properly in the OS X text system, you have to superscript it and adjust the font size. Word, however, shrinks the font too - or rather, it doesn’t actually shrink the font, it just displays it at a smaller size when superscripted.


I was concerned about Word being unable to find them when doing an advanced find/replace for superscripts. It found the superscripts for my endnote, but not the other 290 I had, so it’s as though they don’t have the superscript “flag” set or something. (Edit: hmm, if I shrink the text too, I wonder if that would get Word to see it as a superscript, I’ll maybe have to try that.)

But I was able to batch change them back to normal baseline in Scrivenings mode (phew). I’ll just adjust the workflow to make them superscripted at a different point in the process, as there’s no particular reason why it has to be done where I was doing it.