Support: Can't find a dark theme dark enough!

I can read a normal, physical book in the near dark without lights on so you can imagine what a laptop screen looks like to me when I’m working at night in the dark. (Oh god SO BRIGHT.) I tried to create a dark theme for Scrivener to use while I am in high contrast mode in Windows but I keep failing to get all the text to be dim enough for my eyeballs to not squint. All I am trying to create is a solid black background across the entire Scrivener program while working on a novel, with all frames and text being a dim gray at most. But somehow I can’t seem to find every element that needs to be changed. And the existing custom templates I’ve found online (like "Dracula) aren’t dark enough. Help!

I can help, when I can find the time. In a hurry?

This theme from Zee63 is pretty dark: