Support for Windows

I wish so much that you would offer this product for Windows… for those of us who would love your product but can’t afford to buy a mac. Please… please… please.

Is there any chance that begging helps?

Picture Leonardo da Vinci in his studio, knockin out a bit o the usual old tat, for some wealthy patron. He walks over to the window to check out the talent in the street below. He sees, not the faux Helenic looking gods,( Macites) he hoped to see, promenading to and fro, but a horde of the dispossessed (PC-ickies) arms raised in heartrending supplicative gesture, entreating screaming, beseeching, "Maestro! Maestro! Save us! from the evil Wintel wizard, WORD. Do us a Scriv!! Prego Meastri! Prego! Prego!

Snot gonna work, believe me, Gabby

Mr Grumpy Blounty aint no Leonardo, but, even with his phychological imperfections and flaws, which believe you me Gabby, are: LEGION , I suspect there lies within, a spark of humanity; a tenuous link to his pre self-deitisation days. It isnt beyond the realms of possibility, methinks, that the likelihood of, Scriv for the Great Unwashed, no longer resides at the far flung outer reaches of the Cosmos, but possibly, in one of the spiralling arms of our very own Milky Way Galaxy :wink: IMHO
One can only hope, dear Gabby, one can only hope 8)


Welcome to the forum … and it has to be said that you have just received what in certain quarters constitutes a typical and generous welcome, if you can make any sense of it.

Basically, Scrivener is entirely the child of Keith and none other, and Keith is an OS-X programmer and not a Windows programmer. So Keith has said on many occasions that he will not be producing a Windows version. That said, there is speculation on another thread that he and his shadowy alter-ego, DMJ — in charge of marketing, it seems — have been doing what our vic-k would consider to be supping with the devil, and starting to negotiate a deal with a Windows programmer.

So, Gabby, there are grounds for you to hope at some unforeseen time in the future; but you’d be better off, both in the meantime and for the future in every way, going out begging for the wherewithal to acquire a Mac.



Yes, I truly appreciate both of your replies.

I am hoping…

I bought my netbook solely for the purposes of writing: it’s very portable, tiny (about 5lbs), cheap (about $250) and has word/excel/internet.

And then, lo and behold, I hear about Scrivener and I am filled with regret that I didn’t buy a macbook. Does anyone know how to change a laptop (Acer Aspire) into something that can run a MAC OS? Alternatively anyone know of a mac laptop that would be similar to a netbook? …curses… I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to my questions… I will be over in the corner, sniffling and green with envy over all you lucky mac users.

Unfortunately the nearest equivalent to a Mac netbook is the Mac Air, but really that is just thin and lacking in ports rather than what I would consider a proper netbook. Mac users have been speculating about and hoping for a netbook for years now, and it seems very strange that Apple seem so reluctant to provide something to compete.

But that is evading your question, of course. :slight_smile: As the others have pointed out, I am a Mac-only programmer with no knowledge of programming for Windows, and as I created Scrivener initially for my own use, that is why it is currently Mac-only.

So, I will answer the original comment - the wish for a Windows version - thus: I am aware that a number of Windows users really want a version of Scrivener, and we would love to provide one. Unfortunately we’re not at a stage where I can really comment much more than that on a public forum, though. :wink:

Thanks for your interest and all the best,

Wozat sposed t mean!! :open_mouth:

Gabby,dear Gabby,
The next best thing to being a ScrivMacer (or MacSciver), is being a member of The Good Ship Scrivener`s Crew, You are so blessed.

Most of Scrivs forums, arent necessarily Mac/Scriv specific, but are generally writing specific. Also, onboard Scriv, is a great place to kick around ideas/writing plans etc. There are some really, really nice/helpfull people crewing this old tub( albeit a bit laxed, moraly, in a few cases), and as a Writers forum, its what you make of it.

I can`t vouch for how non-problematic it would be to sus out second hand Macs, but it could be an area worth investigating.
Welcome aboard Gabby :wink:

I can’t believe I am suggesting this.

Look for hackintosh in google.

I feel dirty.

Despair not. See the Links page on the Scrivener site:

Scroll down to the bottom, where Keith describes various writing apps for Windows users. The first one, similar to Scrivener in style if not substance, is PageFour. The cost is $34 or so. Do your drafting there and export to a Mac for revising and polishing in Scrivener.

Thanks! Most of the Window versions seem a little buggy or not quite pretty enough to bother going from Word (for writing each scene) and excel (to organize the files with hyperlinks). I am currently checking out Page Four but I’m not really seeing any bells and whistles.

Also, I am checking out the hackintosh (don’t tell anyone) :laughing:

On the hackintosh front: the Psystar people who build Mac clones (Apple is suing) are now selling software that installs Mac OS on PCs with Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, i7 or Xeon Nehalem CPUs. That may not be your netbook. Software is $50. I’d rather save up for a MacBook or an iPad.

Hi Gabby,

You can always register your interest in a Windows version of Scrivener here, too:

(At the very bottom of the page.)

If you register your interest there, we would let you know should a Windows version become available in the next twelve months. :wink:

All the best,

Thank you! Though I was sorely tempted, I didn’t register every email address I have… :wink:

OK, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to make this ‘the post that won’t go away’… honestly. But I keep wanting to write this one more thing, so I just decided to get it over with so I can move on to other things… like actually doing some writing today. :smiley:

Anyway, I was looking at older posts about Windows and Scrivener (on this board) and somebody mentioned that PC people who wanted Scrivener would want it to look like Windows instead of like a Mac application… something like that…

I understand that I will just be lucky to have a Scriveners for Windows and everything like that and I promise to be grateful for whatever becomes available (if it ever does). But if I could just put in my vote that it look and feel and act like the Mac version as much as possible. Believe me, if I wanted a Windows looking app, I’d use one of the myriad options available for it already (Page4, Liquid Story Binder, etc). I want Scrivener the way it is right now, and that everyone raves about. …you know, in a humble sounding voice, not in the demanding way it reads like. :slight_smile:

Were we to create a Windows version of Scrivener, we would do everything we could to ensure it is, for the most part, the same as the Mac version - although obviously certain elements would look and feel like Windows elements (such as the toolbar, the placement of the minimise and maximise buttons etc), otherwise it would look like a fish out of water. Although I would imagine that if we were to create a Windows version, it would lag behind the Mac version a little, out of necessity given that, as the creator and designer of the app, I will always work on the Mac version.

But of course, this is all entirely hypothetical. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Hello Keith & Folks

I am a convert to the Mac through and through. Although, Apple’s refusal to provide a netbook with great battery time is sooooo annoying. As an Academic, I need to have a portable computer with me at all time to type up ideas, search databases for academic papers and such. The MacBook Air just does not cut it for me. It is light, but the battery life makes the thing useless.

Living here in Tokyo, I am exposed to the latest technology. Sony have just released a highend netbook called “X”. It runs Windows 7 Professional and is the lightest PC I have ever come across. The large size battery lasts for close to 10 hours and the X-size over 20! That certainly got my attention. So I went to the Sony showroom and fell for it straight away. The Sony engineers have put so much work into this machine. They were asking suppliers for future technology now and they succeeded. Apple should recruit this team outright. To cut a long story short, I spent hours on the website on the day of release to try to order. It was so popular that I was unable to get the order page loaded. After hours of page refreshes, I got in and ordered it. (I am glad I persisted, because the order lead time is 3 months at the moment. It is so popular). So, I dipped into the dark side and have the “X” in my hands. I am ashamed to admit, but it is a dream machine for me. It suits my all my needs … except two. One, it is not a Mac. And Two, I cannot use Scrivener on it. Windows 7 is nice to work with, so that is okay. But I am in agony not being able to use Scrivener.

Soooooo, as I hide behind some cover, I raise my hand high and surrender and ask so dearly for a Windows version of Scrivener. Pleeeeeeease! :slight_smile:

Please consider it Keith.

Cheers mate! :slight_smile:


As much as I can consider the use of a Mac like a positive side-effect of Scrivener, we cannot deny that changing to a new computer platform isn’t always desirable (or even economically feasible).

I am going to sign up for this “Windows newsletter”. Not that I am explicitly supporting it but I definitely want to know how this possibility evolves.


While I understand that the ongoing conversation about a Windows version does get tiresome, I do have a small amount of input. It seems as though we’ve all heard the “poor college student” cry one too many times, and I’m certainly not trying to add to that roar, but I must say… as Macs are quite expensive, they are sadly out of the limited price-range college students (barely) have.

This program, however, would aid the college student tremendously. While I am not a writer, I do write quite a number of research papers (which often include presentations). I am currently in the middle of my Senior Thesis. My first glances to the program were of downright longing… but now I’m itching for it. The organization (including the incorporation of the cork board and full screen picture function) is remarkable and would be a blessing right about now. While working on my thesis, I need the capability to write without having to pull up multiple panes (which undoubtedly causes my computer to run a deal slower-- it’s a Windows running on 3 yrs now). With this program, college/graduate students would have a program which would essentially serve as a lifesaver during their thesis/large projects. I’ve checked out the other programs suggested for Windows users, and I find they appear to fall quite short of the smooth interface/easy organization Scrivener has.

So. I’m just here to say: Do it for the poor English majors who need a respectable program to keep their lives (papers) in order… so that even if they spiral into insanity during their thesis, they’ll still have a bit of organization to keep things together.

Thanks, guys!

No they’re not. Buy used. You can get an older – but Scrivener capable – Mac for less than the cost of the Office student edition.


Hi Vicie_Luxure,

You can register interest in a Windows version here if you’d like:

It’s certainly not out of the realms of possibility. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest and all the best,