Supress titles of a document?


I use Scrivener for writing research articles only, and I like the idea of getting titles and headers from the name of the document directly. It just feels right.

However, sometimes this automatic creation of a title is not what you want. I’m thinking of a document containing only a figure, for instance - it makes no sence to have a title there So, I would like to supress titles for some documents, but the only way I can find of doing this is to “compile as-is”. This creates lots of other problems in my text though (inconsistent formatting and such), so I was wondering - are there othe ways to do this?

You can set some documents as “folders” and others as “documents” and then, in your compile settings, have only one of them trigger titles. In my thesis, folders generate a title, but documents don’t. This also means that you can break documents up into much smaller sections (sometimes I break down to paragraph level) as you write, without worrying about generating dozens of headings.

I do something similar, though I sometimes use depth to disable titling. Folders, first level files, and stacks all generate titles, but anything level 2+ that is a file does not. Thus, I compose my non-structural breakdowns as children of the top layer of items.

Thank you!

This tip works exactly like I want it to.