Supress Word Counts for Inline Annotations

It’d be amazing to have a Preference setting that would “Supress Word Counts for Inline Annotations.” My documents have a lot of flotsam/jetsam floating around as I’m working and because of that, I don’t have a good idea what my actual word count is. I’d love to be able to select all the junk floating at the end of my documents (that aren’t as useful if moved somewhere else like Notes or unprintable documents), tag them as Inline Annotations and have the Word Count update, reflecting the reality those bits of work shouldn’t actually factor into things.

Many thanks for your consideration as always!

While the word count in the footer does include Inline Annotations, if you go to Project → Statistics, that word count will only show the Compiled word count. As long as you have “Remove Annotations” checked in the Compile window, your word count will be accurately displayed there.

That’s awesome, thank you. I use the Project Targets frequently to check word counts, which apparently behaves differently. I will use the Project → Statistics as a workaround, if you could even call it that.

Many thanks again!

You can also click on the stats read-out in the footer bar to get the count for the current session, sans annotations and footnotes, optionally.

Sadly, I don’t find any of that helpful. Word counts that should be paid attention to, in my view, are those listed in the ‘total words’ column in the Outliner, and the constant selected document word count at the bottom of the Editor. Annotations are still reflected there.

This is why I don’t annotate. I’d like to use that feature, but having that added to the total words word count, just screws up the word count and makes it inaccurate.

It boggles my mind why the interpretation of ‘total words’ would be that literal. When writing fiction, I can’t imagine an author caring whatsoever about counting words that are in annotations. They are not a part of the story we are trying to tell, so those words should not count.

Since a lot of us use Scrivener to write fiction, it would seem that the logical thing to do would be to put a way to turn that off and on in the preferences. After all, there are ways to get the document titles and annotations to be ignored during compile, which is done for that very same reason—because the author, their agent, their editor, and their publisher don’t want that included, and don’t want that or an inflated, inaccurate word count.

So why not make that an option for the word count in the Editor and the Outliner?

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Yeah, I was just meaning to point out a quick tip for someone that was using a separate tool, without realising you can get that count right in the footer. If you search the forum a bit you’d probably find prior discussions on why that takes a click. Here are a couple off the top:

Interestingly enough, the opposing advice is true for those that do want comments and footnotes to be included in real-time counters. For performances reasons, we can’t include linked notes, so one is encouraged to use inline notes.

So, you can see why we’d never make a preference that does such a thing.