Surface Go configuration?

I’m thinking of getting a “Go” tablet. Does anyone know if the minimal configuration of the “Go” will work with Scrivener for Windows? Has anyone tried the Windows Beta on a “Go”?

I should THINK the minimal configuration would work, but it’s pretty expensive for a tablet to just assume these things!

Seems insane to me.

First you’d want to upgrade the storage to the 128 GB SSD. That is upgrade!!! Wow. I don’t think 128 Gig is sufficient to run Windows over the long term and install very many programs. Windows tends to grow. Programs tend to want to use storage. The next version of Windows 10 will reserve an additional 7 gig for its usage but reserves the right to expand that.

You’ll want to upgrade the RAM to 8 Gig.

If you intend to use Scrivener, I assume you’ll want a keyboard. Another cost increase.

It comes using the bizarre Windows S, which will not run Scrivener. So, you’ll need to upgrade (free) to the real Windows.

Once this is done, you’ll have a laptop which looks great, but has the processor of a chromebook, and the storage of a phone, but costs as much as a real computer.

It looks cool though

Completely agree with this. I have a 128GB Surface Pro (original) that my son inherited and is close to unusable because of how much space Windows 10 takes out of the SSD. Mind you, we have Windows 10 Pro, not Home, but we’ve seen the same issue on Windows 10 tablets with Windows 10 Home installed. You end up having to do a lot more disk management to keep enough free space available for Windows to not be totally crawling.

Well . . . As long as it looks cool . . .

Thanks guys! Maybe I’ll look at a boring ole Laptop once more!

If you like the concept of a convertible then one of the Surface Pro or ASUS or Lenovo models might work. If you intend to do any serious work, don’t get less than 16gb RAM and 512gb storage