Swedish dictionary

Let me start out by saying how much i enjoy using Scrivener. Its great and as a beginner writer it is a big help to get on with the writing project.
To make it even more helpful it would be super if the Swedish dictionary could be updated or even replaced. The current one is more a distraction than help since it is far from complete and contains a lot of errors.
I do realize that Swedish is not a big language on our planet, but still, there are a few of us that use it.
I understand if it wouldn’t be a priority but if it is an easy operation to do an update, it would be greatly appreciated by a small but enthusiastic Swedish scrivener community.
I did follow the instruction to use the “search” function but the latest entry regarding this that I found was from 2014 and the best suggestion included downloading and installing a zip-file and that does not feel safe in this day and age of computer viruses.

Tanks again for a great writing tool and all the best to you.