Swedish spellchecking - suggests word that are misssspelled

Hi! Just wanted to know if there are others out there who finds the spellchecking in Swedish somewhat…“not so good”?
I was impressed by the quality in the older version (1?) for Windows, it was often spot on - but in the new version 3 the list that comes up with suggestions contains several words that does not exist in Swedish or are misspelled versions of the word I have misspelled in the text…
Is the wordlist I use corrupt in any way? Can I fins a more correct one? Or - what should I do?
Best regards, Håkan

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The French dictionary, more or less, does the same.
It sometimes proposes words that are either weirdly unrelated or simply split in half for absolutely no reason.
But the new dictionary since Scrivener 3 is way better, in the case of French, than it ever was before.
There was a time when even a spotless text would be visually crippled with reported misspellings. – To the point where I had to either switch it off or lose my mind.

Note that these dictionaries are not the making of the Scrivener development team. And as to your overall question, I’d say no, you ain’t doing nothing wrong. (You downloaded it and picked it up from the list, nothing much you could have corrupted or messed up.) But then again, I don’t speak Swedish…

The way I use it (now that it ain’t falsely reporting misspellings like crazy) is that I trust it to bring to my attention any potential misspelling, but I don’t rely on it so much. And then I just do a deep final correction in a specialized third party software when I am done with the composition. (Antidote, in my case.)

I am asking just in case :
I just saw that there are 2 different Swedish dictionaries… perhaps you selected the wrong one ?

Hi Vincent!
When I check I see there is a Swedish dictionary for Swedish speaking people in Finland. Would not be so much different, but I have downloaded it to try. Might be some words that are Swedish, but not used in Sweden in it , and vice versa. :slight_smile:

Here is an example of weird behavior :

2022-02-10 13_04_06-Window

2022-02-10 13_04_29-

You can see in the first screenshot that a misspelling is being reported. (Those two words are actually written just fine as they are with their elision.)
But yet, in the second screenshot, the exact same spelling (which all this time was indeed the correct one) is proposed…
(Should you speak French, you’d also note that the third suggestion in the list is absolutely off, and by no means proper French writing…)

And this is what I get after applying what the dictionary considers to be the correct spelling :

2022-02-10 13_17_39-Window

It is still reported as being wrong. (The only way to remove the red wavy underscore is to select “ignore spelling”.)

All this to say that in my opinion, it is best at this point not to rely too much on the built-in dictionary and rather use a third party software specifically designed for corrections somewhere close to the end of the composition process.

The downloadable dictionary(ies) sure is helpful, but, as it is for the moment, clearly has its limitations…

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Agreed on the Swedish dictionary. Was the finnish-swedish any better? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Jeb!
My view is that the Finnish-Swedish dictionary is “the old” Swedish dictionary from versions before, and the current Swedish dictionary is messed up…:slight_smile:

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Apparently, there is a way that makes it possible to use dictionaries other than the ones Scrivener downloads for the user (the Hunspell ones).
I haven’t had time to get into it myself, but certainly will.