Switching Between Multiple Monitors Causes Dialogue Boxes to Be Unreachable

My apologies for first posting this in the ‘Bug Hunt’ area instead of the beta area. Also, I would like to mention that I’m running v2.9.0.17

Loving the new version so far. I seem to be having an issue with switching from multi-monitors to one monitor. For example, I’ll work on my laptop while docked where I have two screens available. I’ll close down Scrivener and turn off the laptop. Later, I’ll be working from my couch directly off the laptop.

The problem:
On my laptop (single screen) I try to open things like the ‘custom metadata’ dialogue box or the ‘writing history’ dialogue box. The main Scrivener app loses focus (which I expect) but the dialogue box I opened never appears. Worse, I click on the main Scrivener app to regain focus but the computer just beeps at me. I’m not able to regain focus. The only thing I can do in these cases is force Scrivener closed through the task manager. The issue is sporadic. Sometimes I can open certain dialogue boxes when on my laptop (single screen). Sometimes I can’t. If I had to guess the reason, I’d say it’s that sometimes I have the ‘extra’ dialogue box opened on one monitor while the main Scrivener app is opened on the other. Other times I have them both open on the same screen. Whichever I choose is what Scrivener remembers and therefore tries (unsuccessfully) to open the dialogue box on the secondary monitor the next time, even though it’s not available. The problem never happens while using multiple screens.

Again, loving the new version so far. Keep up the awesome work.


Here’s a work-around.
The window that is off screen has focus. So hit Alt+Space. This will drop down the window menu in that invisible window. Now hit M - this will allow you to move the window with the arrow keys (which key depends on whether the window was on the right or left monitor in multi-monitor setup, so this might require trying on direction, then other). Once the window is visible on your laptop, hit Enter and it will stay there.

That did the trick. Thanks SteveCarterFrogstory.