Switching From Blank Template to Novel Template

Hi folks,
As a new user, I’d like to be able to move an existing project from the BLANK template to the NOVEL template.
I know that I can custom add much of the features of the novel template to my current project on its blank template, but I’d like to be able to easy-peasy make the switch so things like front matter and back matter are already there and formatted properly outside the chapter structure and etc.

I’ve seen multiple people online say things like “You can always switch templates halfway through if you like” and etcetera, but noone’s telling me how to do it.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Man, I love this program.

You can’t really “switch” to a template, if what you want is all of the boiler plate setup that a template provides, but you can create a new project, open your old “Blank Template” project, and drag things from it’s binder to the new “Novel Template” project’s binder. Note that you’ll probably have to drag over the draft contents separately from the research folder’s contents.