Switching from Vertical to Horizontal Split

Is there a way to switch from vertical to horizontal split, so that the left editor becomes the top editor and vice-versa for going from horizontal to vertical split?

The way I work, my “main” window is almost always the left or the top editor, but when I switch splits, my main editor ends up in the “alternate” editor area. What I have to do at present is to unlock both editors (I frequently have one locked), toggle the split orientation, swap editors, and then re-lock one of the editors.

I’ve experimented with CMD-ALT & SHIFT-ALT clicks on the split icon, but nothing seems to modify the default behavior.

Ha, I’m the same way, I always use the left editor for organisation, so when I change to horizontal I end up with organisation in the bottom split, which feels very strange to me—as strange as organising on the right split. It is totally hard-coded though, and it’s been that way since 1.x.

An idea that would make sense to me is, as with how it matters which split button you click on to close a split, the header bar button you Opt-click on would become the primary. Thus if you Opt-click on the right vertical split’s button, that editor would end up on the bottom instead of on the top. Likewise when using the keyboard shortcut, the editor focus would matter, same as Cmd-’. I’ll see what Keith thinks about that.

Yeah, anything like that would work for me. Adding the SHIFT key to the OPT-click to reverse the normal behavior would work too, much like CMD-TAB and CMD-SHIFT-TAB work for switching applications.