Switching Scapple from Windows to Mac

I’m considering switching from Windows to Mac. I’ve read some old posts that indicate that Scrivener files should be able to transfer without much problem. Is this also true of Scapple files? Thanks.

I’m not sure why you tagged this post as being about the forum itself. I’ve fixed that for you.

To answer your question, yes! It’s a relatively simple format, and it has always been supported by both platforms. Going in the Mac direction is even better, as there are one or two small things added to the format that they have not added to Windows yet (you’ll be able to add labels to lines).

The main thing you may run into, depending on how you do things, is that because font scales can be different between systems, sometimes the note width will be narrower than necessary, and you may have to do a little clean-up to get things looking the way you want. This is usually very easy to do with the Notes ▸ Auto-Fit command, or even just selecting a stack and dragging the right side on the selection to re-wrap them.