symbol for british pound

I’m using a US-layout keyboard, have tried Alt+0163, Alt+0156, but cant get to type the british pound symbol. How do I make it appear on scrivener? I could do it with odt, insert symbol then cut and paste on notepad before cut and paste again on scrivener, cut and paste straight from odt doesnt work.

If you check out the Edit menu, at the bottom you’ll see a “Character Map…” command. That will load up a symbol browser, which includes a search function. When you select a symbol, it will print the Alt key sequence if there is one. In the case of Pound, you would search for that, click on the symbol, and see in the lower-right that it is Alt-0163. Of course you already know that, I’m just sharing this tip so you don’t have to go over to LibreOffice to get a symbol. :slight_smile:

The only thing that comes to mind is the font. Maybe the font you are using doesn’t have the pound sign. Try something standard, like Times New Roman. It works for me.

Thank u AmberV!

Yes, it works, I just wonder, y not have an insert button so the symbol gets inserted where u place the cursor instead of a copy button.

The character map is a built-in Windows tool, so Scrivener is just accessing that.

Also be sure to try “Edit Substitutions” under Tools - Options - Corrections. You’ll be able to insert the symbol through a keyboard sequence of your choice.

– Jerome