Symbol & text substitution uneven

Hello there,
This is my first post so please excuse any omissions in protocol. I have a MacBook Air built June 2013 running OS X Mountain Lion v 10.8.5. I use Scrivener for Mac, bought on the Mac App store June 2013, v 2.5. All apps are up-to-date.

Problem: after working correctly for weeks, the ‘symbol & text substitution’ function now only applies my custom additions when the shortcut word STARTS a sentence. When used within the line itself, nothing happens. Example, I set the letters ‘po’ to be replaced by ‘Pompey’.

I read the ‘before you post about a bug’ page and here’s what I did:

  1. checked with the built-in TextEdit app. My customized word substitutions worked perfectly.
  2. checked with other apps like Pages, Numbers, Safari (they work fine right now). All good.
  3. reset to default all Scrivener global Preferences in case I checked a box in error. No help.
  4. checked the Editor window in fullscreen mode. Did not work (except for 1st word as I said).
  5. checked documents in Characters and Research folders. Same problem, only 1st word.
  6. closed Scrivener, shut down and restarted Mac. Same problem.
  7. checked Editor window in Compose mode and substitutions WORKED!

While I realize that this feature works in Compose mode, I really need it in Editor (and the other folders too if possible). My historical novel is set in ancient Rome and it helps immensely if I can use my custom list of substitutions for the Latin words and names.

Thank you for any help you can offer to resolve this issue,


Could you please tell me if the problem only occurs in page view? If you are using page view, please try turning page layout view off and then closing and reopening the project - do substitutions work then? There is a known issue (that we just discovered) whereby spell-checking and substitutions can have issues in page view if page view was on when the project was opened in the Mac App Store version. This has been fixed for the next update, but I’m still trying to determine if there are other factors involved.

If the problem only occurs when page view is open when the project opens, please try downloading the regular version of Scrivener from our product page ( - it should recognise you as a registered user as long as you’ve used the Mac App Store version at least once on your machine) and see if that has the same issue. There is a slight difference with the Mac App Store version that I believe may be responsible.

Thanks and all the best,

Thank you Keith, this solution worked! All custom auto-correct words are being inserted as they should. I will wait for the next Scrivener update; no real need to work in ‘page view’ since I finalize the formatting in Pages anyway. :laughing:

Great, glad it was the same bug!

By the way, you have a very apt name for someone writing a novel about ancient Rome. :slight_smile:

All the best,