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The lack of autosync has caused me to have a lot of issues. I try to remember to sync my work, but I’m so used to everything iOS and Mac autosyncing.

Can there be a sync button on every page of the iOS Scrivener? It might serve as a visual reminder and/or it’s just right there and easy to hit? It’s more or less every time I use iOS I end up with conflicted copies, and resolving those conflicts is difficult. And it’s really hard to remember to sync for the reason I stated above.

“Sync Now” is always available from the settings button beneath the binder. It’s also available form the export button in the footer bar beneath the text editor, as well as there being a sync button in the editor header when you are editing text. So you should already be able to hit sync from nearly anywhere inside Scrivener for iOS. There’s not space to put a sync button in the header on every screen, but it is available via the menus.

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If you’re using an external keyboard you can also hit Shift-Cmd-S in nearly every context. Here’s the full list of shortcuts.

In case you are not aware of these, here are two iOS Scrivener settings that might be useful to you.

If you set Auto-Detect changes to On, then when you launch iOS Scrivener, it will look for changed projects, and if it detects any will ask if you want to sync. This will help you remember to sync when you first start working in Scrivener.

If you set Sync Projects on Close to Always, then when you exit the project on iOS, Scrivener will automatically sync. This means you don’t have to remember to sync when you are done working in Scrivener, you just have to remember to close the project.

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I always forget to go allllll the way back to the main page, so this helps. Thanks. Hopefully that does the trick. :slight_smile:


I am currently using IOS 10.3.2 for my scrivener app. Instead of wanting autosync, I want to turn it off. I can’t find the scrivener tab in settings. Tapping ‘Show App Settings’ within a project brings me to ios Settings, again with no scrivener tab. Can somebody help?

If you want to disable syncing for a project, move it from the “Dropbox” area to the “On My iPad/Phone” area of the project screen. (Or, alternatively, disable your device’s connectivity by putting it in Airplane mode.)

If you want to change the autosync options, open the iOS Settings app and scroll down (way down) to Scrivener, then select “Syncing and Sharing.”


Specifically to that point, you might need to restart Settings. I’ve never seen it occur where an entire tab is missing for an app, but I have seen issues with Settings not correctly updating itself when an app changes, in the past. Simply double-pressing the Home button and then swiping Settings up out of the “deck” of apps will force it to restart the next time you open it.

Seen the same but for me it was iOS 11 and Scrivener 1.1.1 immediately after upgrade to 1.1.1. All the app tabs were missing! After some time (over an hour) ignoring the problem everything appeared. Didn’t bother too much as in general I don’t bother with app settings — typically nothing useful has been put there. (Although the new sync on open/close is a real boon.)