Sync Error "Could Not Copy/Remove Content"

I’ve using Scrivener on Windows and the iOS app. In the last couple of days, I’ve opened text files to find them empty. Today when I tried to use Scrivener on my laptop, I got an error message. At the top is the Scrivener logo, and it says: “Sync Error.” Below that is says: “Could not copy/remove content, content styles and/or content comments for UUID:” and then there’s a long alpha-numeric chain.

What do I do?

I have been having exactly this issue when trying to open a project on my PC after I have done work on my iPhone. The app has synched (because I do that manually) and I’ve even closed the app and opened it again, pressed the synch button again. The DropBox icon shows it’s taking the files. Then when I try to open the project, I get a list of 28 files that it couldn’t copy.

This is a link to an imgur of the error message:

Hi all - was there any resolution for this error as I am having exactly the same issue?

Sure it’s not a Dropbox sync problem? Are you files offline?

Scrivener doesn’t really do any synching and leaves all that to Dropbox. Scrivener only drops the files into the Dropbox folder and Dropbox takes over from there.

Thanks - it could be the cause, am testing now - do all files/folders within a .scriv project need to be offline? Which would mean I need to upgrade to the pro version of Dropbox as the basic version only allows individual files to be available offline?

The issue still happens using Dropbox basic and selecting files to be offline