"Sync failed: Error: The File 'Mobile' doesn't exist."

So I’ve been using Scrivener with Dropbox on Mac and iOS for a while now and it’s been perfect and beautiful. I adore this program and have been happy to purchase it, it’s been working great for years. But now I think I screwed something up and I don’t know how to fix it.

I created a new project, and then quickly deleted it – I feel like… I don’t know if it was syncing, maybe, or something was going on (I hadn’t pressed Sync, but I know that often it starts syncing right after I create something) – and I think in doing that, I screwed up something.

Because now, whenever I try to sync the Scrivener files in my Dropbox, I get this error:

"Sync failed. An error occured when trying to create a local directory.

Error: The file ‘Mobile’ doesn’t exist. (The file doesn’t exist."

I’ve also attached a screenshot of the error below.

Now there are red Xs next to the two projects I tried to sync and the sync wheel/circle symbol is red. Help? I don’t want to lose these projects.

ETA: When I sync from my Mac laptop, everything seems fine… but the problem persists on iOS, even after turning my iphone 6 on and off. I’m not on the most current OS (I’m one behind), but idk if that’s part of the problem or not.

Showing us the error dialogue doesn’t give us much info.

Could you please start from the beginning again?
Where did you create the new project? On you iDevice or on the Mac?
Did you put it in the Dropbox section or only on the iDevice?
How did you delete the new project?

I created the new project in the Scrivener ios app on my iPhone 6. I only save my Scrivener projects, all of them, to Dropbox. I deleted the project within the Scrivener ios app.

Okay, and what does the project screen on your iPhone look like now? What is it that doesn’t work?

The sync wheel/circle symbol is red. There are red Xs next to two of my projects. When I try to sync, I get the error message I shared in my previous posts.

ETA: There are folders called “mobile” in the Scrivener folder on Dropbox, though they’re empty, and I can only see them if I search for them; they don’t appear if I scroll through the directory normally. Same with the Data folders.

If things work the way they should on the Mac side, I would do like this:
In Finder, move the projects somewhere else, out of the current sync folder in the Dropbox folder.
Delete the sync folder.
Create a new folder at the same location, with the same name as before.
Copy the projects back to the sync folder (so I don’t lose them if something goes wrong).
Open iOS Scrivener, chech the Dropbox settings, and sync.