Sync failing on iOS 13

On my Mac, I am running macOS 10.14.6 and Scrivener 3.1.3. On my iPad, I am running iOS 13.1.2 and Scrivener 1.2. I keep all my Scrivener documents in Dropbox.

Since upgrading to iOS 13 and Scrivener 1.2, I am no longer able to sync between my Mac and iPad. I get the following message on my iPad. Help please.

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 17.02.57.png

My first attempt to solve this issue was to go to Dropbox on my Mac, and move my SCRIV projects out of Dropbox. I then opened Scrivener on my iPad and pressed the Sync icon, thinking this might somehow reset Scrivener on iOS. No luck here though - the same error occurred.

So, with my SCRIVE projects still outside of Dropbox, I went again to the Scrivener app on my iPad, and I pressed Projects > Edit > gear icon > Unlink Dropbox > Remove local files. I then closed the Scrivener app, reopened it, and tried again to Sync. Note that at this moment, there was nothing to sync, as my SCRIV projects were outside of Dropbox.

Then, on my Mac, I dragged my SCRIV project back into Dropbox, then synced again on my iPad. This worked. I still don’t know what went wrong, but am posting this solution in case it helps someone else.

I’ve tried the process suggested by several now. Disconnected iPad from Dropbox and deleted projects. Moved all Mac projects to another folder.

Reconnected iPad and dragged 1 project on the Mac back into Scrivener folder and synched - worked fine. Dragged them all back and it crashed.

Repeated disconnect etc and have been dragging back one at a time. So far so good.Have all the important projects back and working fine