Sync Folder Import (Split From "Dropbox Consensus?")

please tell me where to post this if its in the wrong section?

i have experimented with the Sync folder feature, but have failed to achieve what i want to do.
I want to have an inbox, on my desktop, where i drop files intended for scrivener as im working on other apps throughout the day etc.
Then when i launch Scrivener i want it to automatically import them.
can this be done?
and im talking about all file types, not just text.


Hi Luke,

It’s best to start a new thread for new questions, so I’ve split this into a new post.

The folder sync feature only works with text - it’s not intended as an import repository so much as a way of sharing text files with mobile devices.

Why not just keep your Scrivener project open in the background and drop them directly in as you need? That way you don’t have to organise them later, at least.

All the best,

Or just create the inbox as a folder on your desktop, as you suggest, and dump your files there throughout your day; then when you open Scrivener, just drag that folder over to the project’s binder and it will import them all.

Thankyou both for your reply. funnily enough i dont see a start new post button?

anyway thanks for the tips, both good work arounds.
The reason i dont like to have scriv open all day is 1, im at work and dont want people to see it, and 2 its slower adding one at a time that just dumping a bunch, as scriv always brings itself to the foreground, and i dont really want that while im not in scriv work mode…

so i did actually create an inbox folder on my desktop for throwing my files into. and then im importig as i start work on scriv. so thats fine, but i just wondered if there was a way to auto import data, from a droplet, script? etc.

Devonthink has an interesting inbox sidebar type thing. not that ive used it.

in any case,im new to scrivener, and so far i think its amazing. and im really picky! i tried about 10 other apps, and i plan to buy it.
i will be posting more questions/ ideas soon.
would be keen for yout feedback


Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated (you have to be viewing a list of topics within a sub-forum to see the “New Topic” button, by the way - e.g. looking at the list of posts inside the “Technical Support” forum).

I don’t really like those slidey-in inbox things (although I think DevonThink is a fantastic program, I hasten to add), which is partly why there isn’t one, but also because they make more sense for data-collection programs such as DevonThink and Evernote whereas the data-collection in Scrivener, although important, is secondary to the writing.

Thanks again and all the best,

i do agree, that sidebar gets in the way of my desktop use. and i think its a good idea to not have it.
I am not a writer, and i am certainly using scrivener in a way that it was not originally intended. To use as my project management for development of my website, to gather all my documents and add notes to them, websites, etc.
And i am greatly impressed. ive tried many apps, but this one really blew my mind. and im quite serious . . as i am a fanatic when it comes to function and user friendliness, as well as a program that can do all of what i need. last night i explored every menu item, and i was constantly impressed how well thought through this program is.
i even found scrivener it by accident through NoteBook reviews.
when i discovered nested corkboards i was just shakin my head in awe!

i certainly have some questions and even some feature requests. do the makers of this program take note of forum requests?


Yes, we have a “Wish List” forum one level up from this one dedicated to requests. Right now the priority is getting 2.x rock solid and up in the App Store as well, then there is a long list of major things such as localisation and AppleScript, but requests are always taken and frequently debated in the aforementioned forum. :slight_smile:

sweet. i will post my requests there.
as far as rock solid, it has been very stable on my machine except for an importing bug. sometimes i import and the warning window comes on, and stays on. i have to quit to remove it.
where i should i report this?

do you mean an ipad/iphone app??


KB is the maker of this program. :wink:

There’s a “wishlist” thread–see this post for the etiquette, but in general, yes, Keith listens. He does not always agree, nor is it always possible to do what users suggest, but he’s nice about it.

Before posting your requests, though, definitely take some time to go through the tutorial project in Scrivener (Help>Interactive Tutorial) and to browse the forum for the topics you want to ask about. Someone may have already asked about the feature you want to request (repeats are unnecessary and “+1” is frowned upon and does nothing to help your case) and you might find a reply suggesting a good workaround or other tips.

Welcome to Scrivener!

EDIT: Augh, I wrote too slowly. Well anyway, you can report the error in the Bug Hunt forum.

No; just Scrivener 2.0 for the new Mac App store. :slight_smile:

i will do! thanks for the advice