Sync from IOS to Mac not showing new changes on desktop - all up to date

I’ve had one hurdle after another trying to get Scrivener on my iPad to sync with my desktop using Dropbox. The tech support document was really helpful for some of it (I suggest making it an instruction in the tutorial before everyone makes the same mistakes, especially since the app uses Dropbox exclusively).

However, this time the tech support document isn’t of any help. The new changes to my project I made in the IOS version are not appearing in the desktop (mac) version. The tech advice tells me the reason that I don’t have my changes corresponding to the desktop is because my version is out of date. I have the latest version (Scrivener 3) on my MacBook. There are no other solutions listed… does anyone know how to fix this?

I fixed it! Finally! Lol. Turns out the problem was my desktop had two Dropbox accounts, even though I signed out of one of them, it was still causing problems. Since it was an account I no longer use, I simply deleted it, and now the sync is working perfectly!