Sync hangs up

Mac OS Monterey, 12.3.1
Scrivener 3.2.3

New issue:
Sync hangs up at #23 of 160.
I thought perhaps the issue was due to syncing to a folder that was already in use but
I set up a TEST SYNC folder and it still hangs up.

Hello anauraine. Does your project use styles?

I ask because there is a known bug where Scrivener projects using styles may hang when the styled documents are synced to an external folder.

If your project does have styles, you might make a copy of your project and strip the styles from the copy to see if that will work. If it does, then you’ll know the styles are the issue.

Made copy
No Style
I saved to Dropbox in folder with another copy of project,
Hung up at 23.

Thank you for testing that.

Another item to try is testing the Interactive Tutorial project by going to Help ▸ Interactive Tutorial and see if Scrivener still hangs or syncs properly when you try syncing the Tutorial to that same folder.

If the Tutorial will sync to that folder (or another external folder), then you can create a new project, preferably using the same template as your existing project. Then, drag your documents from the existing project into the new one.

You’ll likely want to try a few variations on this. In the first test project, please drag all your documents into the new project at once and try syncing. If that test syncs properly, then the issue might have been a problem within the original project.

If this test project still hangs, then we have to identify which document within the project is causing the problem. You can create another new test project and then drag small batches of documents into it. Please test syncing to that external folder each time you add content.

If this test project also hangs at a specific document, the number it tells you should help narrow the issue down. That is, if it tells you “syncing stopped at document #12,” then the very next document is probably the culprit.

Once you have identified a faulty document, could you tell me a bit more about that file? Does it include material that was copied and pasted in from another source? Or perhaps an image? The formatting and details of that document may help us figure out how to resolve this.

This is way too time consuming. It hangs at 23. I’d like to send you the zip file and see if you an figure it out, but even the zip file is too big to send through here.
Here’s a google drive link.

The link asks for permission. Try a Dropbox link instead.

You’re right, that process is time-consuming. But, you might find that creating the new project and moving all of your documents to it will resolve the syncing issue. I’ve seen that happen quite often.

It’s also possible that the issue won’t be one we can replicate on our end. Testing it with some new projects first will help confirm if this inability to sync is specific to this project, specific to your computer, or a larger bug that might affect other Scrivener users.

FYI I downloaded, moved the file into my folder holding all my other Scrivener projects. It synced fine to Dropbox, and I opened on my other Mac and also on iPhone with no apparent issue.

I guess what is different between me and you is that I’m working on a copy.

So, if you copy your *.scriv file into a new folder, same dropbox location and try that one it may work better?

I also notice you have a # (hash) in the project “Carolina #2 3-11-2022.scriv”. I am in the habit, based on starting my computer use in the early days of computing, to not use “special” characters in file names. I’m not saying this is the cause of your issue, but perhaps try without the # character. Your files are going thru a lot of computers to go from your Mac up to Dropbox and then down again. Somewhere along the way maybe a computer does not like that special character.

see my private Message.

As I mentioned earlier, we have had reports of projects that use styles hanging when syncing to an external folder.

When I tried to sync your original project that uses that combined paragraph+character “Novel” style for certain passages, syncing to the external file hung with document #23.

Once I selected “Show Style Panel” and then deleted that combined style from your project, syncing to the external Dropbox folder went smoothly.

It looks like you’re using that style as a way to mark passages of text that still need revision or perhaps need expansion. You might consider using Scrivener’s search by formatting option to find each location where that style is used. You could then perhaps use highlighting or comments to mark those passages.

Once you had marked those passages using another tool, you could then delete that style from the project and try syncing again.

It’s not ideal, I know. But, I am not certain when the bug with external folders hanging on styled text will be addressed. And, that workaround would allow you to since to the external folder while still knowing which passages were flagged.

The styles panel has an option to select all instances of the style.


I stripped out ‘Novel’ style and the file synced fine.
Thanks for your help.
Hope they’re working on this bug.