Sync iOS and Windows with Google Drive?

I am trying to figure out if I can use Google Drive instead of Dropbox. I pay for google drive and it is a part of my ecosystem, but Dropbox is not. I was able to use google drive previously, but now that I am on the iOS app, I cannot sync between.

If this is not already a priority for Scrivner, I would ask that it be made one since this is such a common drive.

Hi there @Bookish ,

For syncing Scrivener desktop to Scrivener desktop, Google Drive is not a good choice for a syncing service. See this recent thread for a typical example of what can happen. Also, see this advisory from L&L.

For syncing Scrivener desktop to iOS Scriv, my understanding is that Google Drive does not provide the low level API/programming hooks needed for syncing iOS Scrivener. Dropbox does, which is why Dropbox is currently the only syncing service supported by iOS Scriv. See this explanation from L&L for a bit more detail.