Sync MacBook Air with iPad via DropBox

Hi, did a quick search and couldn’t find the answer I needed.

I have Scrivener on iPad and my MacBook Air. I was trying to use DropBox to sync. The message I received on my iPad when trying to sync was that my files needed a scrv extension. Mine are all rtf. How do I fix this? Or is there an easier way to sync? I’d like to not have to carry the laptop around if I can use the iPad. Thank you,

Hi GeralynA, and welcome to the forum.

We have this Knowledge Base article on syncing via Dropbox.

It provides step-by-step instructions for getting Scrivener on your iOS device to sync via Dropbox. It also explains moving your projects from being stored locally on your computer and into that shared Dropbox folder for syncing.

That is, you’ll move the full .scriv file on your Mac to your Dropbox folder so the iOS version of Scrivener can access them.

By the way, Apple do not permit apps on their mobile devices to interact with the data in another app. That restriction prevents us from having the Scrivener app automatically back up the user’s information to the or

We have this Knowledge Base article that explains how to create manual iOS backups.

I recommend adding that manual backup process to your writing habits when working with Scrivener on a mobile device.

Thank you. I’ll go through the information and give it a try. Best, Geralyn