Sync Macbook Pro and Imac via Dropbox after upgrade to Scrivener 3 -

Hi Everyone,

I realize this is a fairly basic question but am unable to find answers anywhere. All references seem to be about syncing dropbox with IOS and while I have listened to them, the directions do not seem to carry over to Mac.OS. When I go > File>sync, the options are Sync with mobile device or external folder. Syncing with external folder seemed like . a plan, but I keep reading about not using that option that it is designed for other apps. and yet there is no option for syncing.

When I go in Scrivener preferences>sync. Options are mobile devices or external folder. There do not seem to be any other options anywhere. Am sorry if I am missing something. I have looked throughout forum and have also just googled it, hoping to find something on utube.

If someone could please let me know or send me a link to a tutorial. about syncing with mac.OS not IOS, I would so appreciate it.

Thank you.

It’s pretty simple. Basically, you just put your Scrivener project in your Dropbox folder, or a sub-folder if you prefer. One or more Macs can then open the project from that Dropbox folder. The sync is really achieved by Dropbox, not Scrivener. Make sure you never open the same project on two Macs at the same time. It will probably corrupt the project. And don’t mess around with the project through the Dropbox web interface.

Agree with mbbntu.

See… … c-services

You’ve had lots of replies, but here’s my step-by-step version. :smiley:

  1. Make sure you have the Dropbox app installed on both computers;
  2. make sure Scrivener is closed on both computers;
  3. open the Dropbox folder on your hard disk on computer 1 which has your Scrivener projects and create a suitable folder for them within the main Dropbox folder (simply called “Scrivener” perhaps?);
  4. move your .scriv projects into that folder;
  5. watch the Dropbox icon in the menu-bar until it indicates that Dropbox has finished uploading everything completely;
  6. boot up computer 2 and watch the Dropbox icon in the menu-bar until it indicates that Dropbox has finished synchronising completely;
  7. navigate to that folder in Dropbox and double click on the .scriv project you want to work on and do your work.

When you’ve opened the project on each machine, Scrivener will now automatically save the project to that folder on Dropbox. On both machines, make sure you set Scrivener > Preferences > Backup to: (1) automatically save a backup on close; (2) to set the Backup location to somewhere completely different from where you are saving the live projects—I save mine compressed with the date in the file name into a “Scrivener backups” folder on iCloud.

Each time you want to work on your project on either computer:

  1. before you open it, you must check the Dropbox icon to ensure that everything is fully downloaded from the Dropbox server, and only when it is open the project;
  2. when you finish, you must close Scrivener, watch the Dropbox icon to ensure that everything is fully uploaded to the Dropbox server, and only then shut the computer down.

If you are rigorous about doing that, you should never end up with conflicted files needing sorting out.

Hope that helps,