Sync Not Creating a Scrivener File?


I’m coming back to Scrivener after quite a bit of time away from the application, and am working on several different platforms (a PC at home, a Macbook Pro, and my iPad on the go). I set everything up to sync via DropBox. They have the application downloaded, the folders are created in the Scrivener app folder, everything appears ready and good to go.

However, when I go an sync, I’m not seeing the actual scrivener file. I see the little bits of chapters I’ve made, and a draft (though not some of the research pages). When I go to open the project up in the other device, it doesn’t even recognize another project. There is no scrivener file. What am I doing wrong?


Is it fine on the computer on which you’ve first set it up or not ?
If not, make sure your files are set to be available offline. (That’s a dropbox setting.)

This sounds off. Surely you don’t mean the folder in which Scrivener got installed or the appdata folder ?
If that’s where your project is, although not necessarily linked to your current issue, that’s not so much of a good place to have your projects. (Perhaps no more than just my personal opinion, I don’t know. But never would I have my projects in there…)

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The rest of your post is confusing somewhat :
If you don’t have a Scrivener file, how can you tell you’ve got bits of documents and a draft.
What do you mean exactly by “Scrivener file” ?

I think the key is here. What do you mean “when I go and sync.” The way Dropbox works on your Mac and Win machines requires no user intervention. You do not “go and sync”.

I suspect you are using desktop Scrivener’s ‘Sync to External Folder’ function. But that function is for a very different purpose. Not what you want here.

On your desktop machine (let’s use the Mac), quit out of Scrivener if it is running. Now, find your project files (.scriv) in the Finder – the one’s you want on Dropbox. Drag those project files into the appropriate subfolder within your blessed Dropbox folder. Let Dropbox do its thing (syncing). (If you are starting from the Win side, you would do the equivalent to this.)

Now you should be ready to go. Remember when you first open these projects, open them from the Finder, not the Recents menu – since you moved them.


I feel so silly! I had them saved elsewhere, not directly in the DropBox drive. Thank you both for dealing with my silliness. I appreciate it.

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