Sync problem with Scrivener on the iPad

Hello scrivener users,

Thank you for the rich information on this forum.
I’d like to ask for your help with the iPad Scrivener application.

I have configured the setting on the iPad so that when I open the app while being connected to the net, I am informed immediately if I need to do a sinc before being able to access my files.

This has been working perfectly until three weeks ago.
When I opened the application while being on a strange and weak Wi-Fi net work, which caused some incomplete sync and loss of some files.
Fortunately, I had on my MacBook a backup of those files, and I have managed to restore them on all my apps, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone.

However, since that event, when I launch the iPad application, I don’t get the automatic warning in case I need to sync .

When I try to open the file that needs to be synchronized, I do get a message proposing me to sync
however, not anymore automatically when I open the app.

I double checked the settings in the iPad’s setting and it seems to be set correctly :slight_smile:

Auto-Detect changes in ON
Sync projects on close or rename = ALWAYS
Check Dropbox on project open = ALWAYS

Does anyone have an idea how can I fix this problem so that I can be sure that the iPad Scrivener app is always synchronized up-to-date.

Many thanks for your attention.

Please change your avatar. Usually people who use some form of the Scrivener logo are moderators and Literature & Latte employees.

Have you tried restarting Scrivener and/or the iPad?

I deleted and redownloaded the apps.