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I have succesfully moved between scrivener on my mac and on my iphone, via Dropbox, but now realized that it stopped working.

Why can it be and what shall I do?
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Thank you, but I have followed all the steps and it doesn’t work. It worked before, and then it didn’t.

Well, Dropbox syncing is completely separate from Scrivener. Scrivener just uses the local files in the folder that Dropbox syncs. Ensure that your Dropbox syncing is set for “offline” for these folders (just in case that the problem). Also check that your internet access working properly.

You don’t give any details about why you think it’s not working, or other failure messages, nor even on which machine you see failures. So I can’t help further. In any event, Dropbox support might be the better place to go since it appears (based on what you say) Dropbox didn’t work.

Thank you! This helped my situation. It turned out that I had started my computer in a safe start or what it is called because of a problem with word. I realised now that that had stopped the Dropbox working somehow. Now restarted again and all works. Thank you again.

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As a general rule, I would say that when Dropbox abruptly stops working, it is almost always due to something on the Dropbox side of things. Once configured and running, the Scrivener end of things is pretty stable.

As noted, on the Mac side Scrivener isn’t even aware that Dropbox exists. It’s just writing to a location in the file system.

If the troubleshooting steps don’t work, one way to test the underlying Dropbox functionality is to put an ordinary text file in the Dropbox folder and see if that syncs. Then try it with a test project. Only if both of those tests work should you look at something specific to a current project.

Doing a lot of (other) work in Terminal sessions my variant of this is using the command line tool touch to change the modified date on a file in my Dropbox directory.

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