Sync stopped

Sync is stuck and this is urgent. I’m afraid to even try get into my (hopefully one day) paid work for the day because I don’t want any more messes. Here’s what happened, and thanks for reading:

I worked on one file on my Ipad, synced it, everything moving along nicely. But it wasn’t finished (I thought it was) when I started the sync from my Iphone. When all syncing was done, I checked the file on both devices and I didn’t find any conflicts.

I worked on a second file, synced it and the sync got stuck after 4 files. I waited, cancelled, tried again, 4 or so more times, refreshed both Ipad and Iphone just in case, and the same thing happens: Stuck. Plus, the first file, which had appeared to be ok, is also showing an orange circle, meaning it needs syncing. I got a notification (on my laptop, on which I do no new Scrivener work but use like a garage), that there is, finally, an official conflict in the first file.

So my syncing is kablooey. Can someone tell me what do to?

One of these files has only one subfolder, so rebuilding it will be easy. The other, first file, has quite a few subfolders in various hierarchies, but I worked in only one of them. Will I have to rebuild the whole thing?



You may want to export a zip archive from each idevice, so that you have a snapshot of the projects before you start your fixes.

Thanks. How would I do that?

And do you think syncing will work again without my doing anything?

From the projects list, press Edit. Select the projects to export. Tap on the “share” button in the toolbar at the bottom of the sidebar. This allows you to email the project as a .zip file.

I’m thinking that the version of the project you changed last would be the most important one to export. You could email it to yourself, and then you would have it available to you, to work on the Mac until you get sync working.

I don’t know what’s going on with Sync, I’m no expert there. It might start working again without you doing anything, but it might not.

If you can get the latest version of the project up & running on your Mac, then you can make that the master and delete the ones off your idevices, then resync them to the Mac version. But be careful and make sure you have a working backup on the Mac before you start deleting anything!

Thanks so much.