Sync to external folder Error message

When I try and Sync to an external folder, there is a message that says, Converter Error, could not export.
Thanks Kindly

Could you clarify please?

  • What did you export? a doc, project, something else?
  • What are you trying to sync? a single doc, just your draft folder, or your whole project?
  • Are you syncing to a cloud service, or with an external file on your computer?
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Hi, I am syncing the project, to an external device attached to my computer. It doesn’t ask me what I want to sync, it just says Sync with external folder. I imagine it’s merely syncing a copy of my work

To then… work on your project using another computer?
(Sync is not a backup.)

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Sync with External Folder has options, including what to sync and in what format. If you don’t know what it does, it is probably not the function you want.

If you want a backup, use the backup commands (File → Backup)

I’m not sure what you are saying here

Sync is not intended as a mean of backup.
See Kewms’ reply above.

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NO, I dont want backup, I know the difference, I merely want to sync to an external folder. So I have another copy

Just make a copy.
The backups are copies.

Why sync then ?

Anyways, the error message probably means that you are trying to sync a format that can’t be (?)

I am not an expert in sync, so I’ll leave it at that. But if you sync not to work on two machines, or in another app, stop wasting your time :slight_smile: and just use the backups, or, if you really want a copy, make a copy.

That’s what I’d do. (Except for the copy. I don’t make copies. They’re just good to give one occasions to mess up.)

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I have the sync Draft folder ticked and sync all other projects ticked. And no, I know what backup is but I need to sync my folders.

What do you intend to do with this copy that you are creating?

The Sync with External Folder command is designed to allow you to work with your writing using a tool other than Scrivener, and synchronize the results back to the project. Because it’s designed for that specific scenario, it has limitations that make it unsuitable as a general purpose project copying tool.

If you want a copy outside of Scrivener, probably the File → Export Files command will give better results.


Hi Tricia!

Thank you for the clarifications. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if there might be some confusion about the way Scrivener handles things. In particular when referring to the terms copy, sync and backup.

The advice given above is very good, and would protect your work from being corrupted, or overwritten due to a misunderstanding of how Scrivener works. To be very clear - this means BOTH your original and the “copy” that you are trying to “sync” to your external drive.

I think we can all agree, that any written project you create is something you never want to lose accidently - yes? When experienced users see red flags that can potentially contribute to loss of your work when used incorrectly, it would be prudent to reconsider. :blush:

The scenario you are using can potentially put all your work at risk. and we do not want to see that happen. I think there may be a disconnect between what you expect, and what actually happens.

If I may ask for more clarification

  • What is it you expect to do with this ‘synced copy’ on your external drive? - are you sharing it for collaboration? Using it for reference? Trying to save different versions of your work? Traveling somewhere and using another computer? Do you want to just save a “copy” in another format - say docx/ word?

Knowing what you expect and want will allow us to share optimum methods to do that while maintaining the integrity of your work.

  • Why do you NOT want a clean updated backup (working) version of your project on your external drive?

Edit - I just reread this thread - are you using an external sync program, or the sync command from inside Scrivener?

I think perhaps this conversation has drifted significantly off of its originally intended course.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but @TriciaAE, you are trying to use the External Folder Sync feature, and getting an error when attempting to sync? All of this talk about whether one should use that feature and for what reasons seems off-topic to me, in light of that. This is a simple bug report for a feature we make, which is intended for you to use however you want to use it, and it’s not working at all, right?

If so, to proceed, here are some troubleshooting steps to help debug the problem:

  • Have you tried specifying a folder on a different device? Errors like this can sometimes be slightly wrong—it’s not really a converter problem, but it can’t write to the location for some other reason (permissions, etc.)
  • Have you tried checking your anti-virus logs to see if Scrivener is quarantined? If you are unsure of how to do so, can you shut it off momentarily and try again, then turn it back on?
  • What file format do you have specified at the bottom of the dialogue?
  • What happens if you use the Collection feature to narrow down if it is a content problem? I would for example only put one file in the collection, sync, and if that works, add half of the rest. If that works, remove them, and add the other half. Continue with halves like this until you find the file that isn’t working at all.