Sync with External Folder freezes at the same file every time

Hi all,
I have been using the ‘Sync with External Folder’ functionality without any problems so far. I use it mainly to bring texts into InDesign to layout them there; I’m attaching a screenshot of my settings.

Yesterday, I had to set up my computer fresh and something seems to have happened when recovering the Scrivener file – since today, when I try to sync to the external folder, it freezes at the same file (22 of 142) every time.

I have tried using different folders to sync to, setting fresh folders up in all kinds of locations, and that does not change anything. I have also tried using another backup of my scrivener file, copying it to a new location, choosing a new folder to sync to from there, and still the same problem. What might be the issue?
Thanks for your help!

A few things I forgot to mention:
I am using Scrivener 3.2.2 on Mac OS Big Sur. I also just checked the syncing function in another Scrivener project of mine, and there it works without any problems. So there must be something about one of the texts in this specific project – but I don’t know how I can find out which one that might be, or what might be the issue with it.

If there’s a specific problem document, you can find it by doing partial synchronizations.

You can also create a new project and drag documents into it a few at a time until the synchronization fails.