Sync with external folder (Google Drive) : why is it read only?

I sync my project to Google Drive to update it from my mobile phone when I don’t have my computer around.
Syncing works fine. The issue is that the Google Drive folder is READ ONLY. I tried to manually change it (remove the read-only property), but it does not work. So I am not able to update the .txt files that were synced there.
Right now, my workaround is to just use it to ‘read’ the text, then I update it in a separate folder and will manually reconcile it on the computer later on.
It’s not very satisfactory.
Is there something I should do differently?

Is the Google Drive folder read-only everywhere, or just on your phone? Can you edit it from the computer, for instance?

Have you consulted Google’s support materials? This is not a setting that Scrivener can control.

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I tested and I can update on the computer. I will try installing a text editor app on the phone then. It works with an online text editor!