Sync with External Folder - how to get rid of the names' [numbers]?


I’m trying to find a way to Sync with External Folder my Draft’s contents. My draft file looks like this:

📄 main
📄 s1
📄 s2

However, when synched, the filenames get numbers inside square brackets:

main [10].someExtension
s1 [11].someExtension
s2 [12].someExtension

I don’t see how to stop Scrivener from adding the […] number to the file name. Am I missing something?


You can’t. That’s how Scrivener keeps track of which text file syncs back to which document in your project. Remove it or edit it and your sync is ruined.

From page 362 (Chapter 14) of the Scrivener Manual:

Can I change the names of the files?

It is very important to never change or remove the number enclosed in brackets at the end of the file name. This number is what Scrivener uses to link the file back to a specific item in the binder.


Thank you so much for the quick reply!